Diet and Exercise

Hello, Friends!

I know, I know. This is pretty much everyone’s least favorite subject. But whether or not you’re diabetic, diet and exercise are important things to know how to control appropriately. It’s hard sometimes, but with encouragement from the right people, it can save you a lot of trouble later on in life.

For Type 1 Diabetics, a good diet and healthy amount of exercise keeps your blood sugar levels in check, which means your body functions at a full and healthy capacity. Having your daily blood sugar levels under control keeps your Hemoglobin a1c in good standing (my doctor recommends between 6.5%-7.3%, but it varies per person. If you’re concerned about where yours should be, consult your endocrinologist). Keeping all of this in line will allow you to live a fun and fabulous life. Having a steady a1c also helps lower the risks of other diseases that come along with T1d, such as heart disease, nerve damage, kidney and liver failure, blindness, etc. All the more motivation to stay healthy!

If you’re not a T1D, maintaining a healthy relationship with food and exercise is just as important. Failing to do so can cause acne, obesity, high blood pressure/cholesterol, and even Type 2 Diabetes.

Eating right and working out doesn’t have to be hard or boring, either. Find recipes that you love cooking and love eating even more; find active things that you enjoy doing that don’t make you feel like you’re working out. And a cheat meal every now in then is not the end of the world (even for diabetics), so don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s all about finding a healthy balance and having fun!

A couple of things before I wrap this up:

1. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist of any kind. If you are concerned about where your diabetes needs to be, PLEASE contact your endocrinologist. If you aren’t a diabetic but want to have a better relationship with food and exercise, consult a doctor before making any drastic changes.

2. If you want someone to keep you accountable with your healthy lifestyle, or you just need some encouragement, please go to the contact page and shoot me an email…I would love to help you stay motivated!

Have fun exploring, my friends!



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