Target Foot Petals

Hello, Ladies! 

This post is just for you (sorry, Fellas. I promise I’ll write some for you)! When I was working at Anthropologie, I re-connected with my love of shoes; ankle booties with heels to be more exact. But after working long hours on my feet, I could barely walk to my car. By the time I got home, my feet were incredibly achy and swollen, mostly in the backs of my heels and around my ankles.

Obviously, comfort for your feet is a glorious thing; it keeps you from being grumpy (:
But foot health is incredibly important for Diabetics (low blood circulation. Also, if not treated properly can cause Diabetic Nerve Pain) so I needed to find a way to keep my feet comfortable without getting rid of my super-cute shoes, and without breaking the bank.

After asking around, and doing a little bit of research, a co-worker of mine who loves booties as much as I do suggested some foot petals from Target (find them here). Ladies, I’m telling you. These things changed the game for me. I can wear any shoes for HOURS now!


Product: Fab Feet by Foot Pedals
Price: about $6.00
Store: Target
Review: Ok. So here’s the secret: instead of putting these bad boys in the backs of your shoes where your heels are, you place them right underneath the balls of your feet. By making that area of your foot more comfortable and cushioned, you keep the pressure more evenly distributed throughout your entire foot and you don’t end up leaning back on your heels all day (which causes the pain and swelling). EVEN BETTER- if you still find yourself leaning back  on your heels, they make special pedals for you to place in the back of your shoes! They also make these pedals for strapy or open-toed shoes, so there’s no reason to keep your favorite heels hidden in your closet anymore!

Happy cute-shoe-wearing, my friends!



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