Lettuce Tuna Wrap

Hello, Friends!

I LOVE food. So, I love snacking. But being diabetic, I need snacks that aren’t going to make my blood sugar spike, and that will hold me over until the next meal. I decided to try and create my own snack recipe for something to hold me over between work and dinner.

-2-4 romaine lettuce leafs
-1 can of tuna
-Garlic salt/your own favorite seasoning

This one’s pretty simple. Place the romaine lettuce leafs on a plate or tray. Fold them out so you can put plenty of food on them. Take a spoon and place the tuna down the center of the leaf. I usually only put it about half way so there’s still room for when we fold it. Take your seasoning (for me, it’s garlic salt) and season the tuna to your liking. Wrap the lettuce fully around the tuna like a burrito, and enjoy!

Prep time: 3 minutes
Cook time: 0 Minutes
Total Carbs: 3-5g per wrap, depending on the brand of tuna or type of seasoning. Most are very little to no carbs, but it will vary depending on your specifics.
Review: Super quick and easy snack. Good for a mid-afternoon pick me up full of flavor and vitamins.

Happy snacking, my friends!



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