Lettuce Tuna Wrap

Hello, Friends! I LOVE food. So, I love snacking. But being diabetic, I need snacks that aren't going to make my blood sugar spike, and that will hold me over until the next meal. I decided to try and create my own snack recipe for something to hold me over between work and dinner. Ingredients: -2-4 [...]

Planning a trip

Hello, Friends! Doug (my boyfriend) and I haven't gone on any adventures just yet, but we are in the process of planning an exciting trip! I've been on lots of trips as a teen and young adult, so some of this is from personal experience, but a lot of the information I'm about to share with [...]

Diet and Exercise

Hello, Friends! I know, I know. This is pretty much everyone's least favorite subject. But whether or not you're diabetic, diet and exercise are important things to know how to control appropriately. It's hard sometimes, but with encouragement from the right people, it can save you a lot of trouble later on in life. For [...]