Beauty and Fashion

Professional on a Budget

Hello, Friends! So recently, I got a new job (my first "big girl" job) and that meant it was time to get more professional clothes. I needed to find good quality clothes without having to spend my life savings on a couple of pieces (which means as much as I love Ann Taylor, I couldn't… Continue reading Professional on a Budget

Beauty and Fashion

Target Foot Petals

Hello, Ladies!  This post is just for you (sorry, Fellas. I promise I'll write some for you)! When I was working at Anthropologie, I re-connected with my love of shoes; ankle booties with heels to be more exact. But after working long hours on my feet, I could barely walk to my car. By the… Continue reading Target Foot Petals


Diet and Exercise

Hello, Friends! I know, I know. This is pretty much everyone's least favorite subject. But whether or not you're diabetic, diet and exercise are important things to know how to control appropriately. It's hard sometimes, but with encouragement from the right people, it can save you a lot of trouble later on in life. For… Continue reading Diet and Exercise